When the Ben Hogan Foundation was established in 2007, we recognized the importance in recruiting select individuals from across the country to join us on our journey. These individuals share a desire to celebrate Mr. Hogan’s life and preserve his precious legacy by promoting the game of golf and providing for improved children’s health care, education and welfare.

The Ben Hogan Foundation wishes to recognize and sincerely thank the following:


Clifton and Sheridan Morris

Pat and Marg Hare

Fred and Michele Reynolds

James Peebles and Kay Day

Sean Anderson

Hollis and Donna Sullivan

George Seagraves

Gene and Moselle Kouri

John and Cami Goff

David and Elizabeth Durham

Gary and Judy Strong

Robert Stennett

Alan and Wendy Barron

Denny and Carol Alexander

Jeff and Kelly Dillard

Mark and Katie Kalpakis

Jeff and Suzanne Mooney